Torrey Ronson’s
“TR Custom Stained Glass”

offers stained glass repairs for any broken stained glass window, door, or panel. In the Tampa Bay area we can offer pick up and delivery/installation services and for the rest of the country the broken pieces can be shipped to our Hyde Park, Tampa Florida studio, repaired, and shipped back to the client.

For a quote to determine the cost of repair and whether the panel is worth repairing, please take a couple of photos and attach them to an email sent to [email protected]
When repairing a stained glass panel, the aim is to have the stained glass window design look as good as it did before it was broken. There are two aspects to this. First the glass needs to be matched exactly. At TR Stained Glass we have access to thousands of colors and textures of glass and in some cases have even had glass specially made where we couldn’t match the original. In extreme cases where the glass cannot be matched then the repair can often be carried out by rearranging the pieces on the panel and introducing some new color or texture and blending this in with the existing glass to still give a great stained glass repair result.
The second consideration for a good stained glass repair is to be sure not to damage the lead between the pieces of glass when replacing the broken glass pieces. The only way to achieve this successfully is to remove each piece of glass from the side of the stained glass panel working inwards towards the piece requiring repair. This requires that the stained glass be removed from the window or door prior to starting. After the broken piece has been repaired all the other pieces are put back and the lead joints are re-soldered.
Torrey Ronson is extremely skilled, which means you can feel confident putting your repair project in our hands.  Torrey has over 30 years of experience in the stained glass windows field, and his experience reflects in everything he does.  Torrey uses only the best glass to ensure that all repairs are made to last.
If you’re interested in our custom stained glass repair services, feel free to call or email us.  We can answer any questions you have about repairing and restoring glass, and set up a consultation.  When you’re repairing a cherished piece of glass artwork, you want to work with an experienced company you can trust, and at Torrey Ronson’s “TR Stained Glass”, we guarantee your satisfaction.